Gulf Union Insurance & Reinsurance Company Limited

Summary of General Exclusions:

  • War, act of war, or a member's active participation in any riot, strike or civil commotion and/or a member's active service in the armed forces of any nation or international authority.
  • Psychiatric treatment, rest cures, custodial care, sanatorium care, isolation, private nursing or any charges incurred for social or domestic reasons.
  • Cosmetic or elective treatment or surgery, unless necessitated by an accidental bodily injury.
  • Any treatment connected with infertility, contraception, assisted reproduction, sterility, impotence or any consequence of it.
  • Hormone replacement therapy or treatment, birth control in all forms.
  • Treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction and drug or substance abuse
  • Any treatment related to removal of fat, surplus tissue, special diets and/or loss of weight.
  • Hearing Aids or any other appliances.
  • Alopecia, wigs and/or toupee, hair loss, dandruff.
  • Circumcision, vaccinations, preventive treatment or examination, children's food and baby supplies.
  • Optical appliances and sight examinations for the purpose of securing optical appliances or treatment to correct long or short sightedness.
  • Expenses for health examinations or check-ups not required in connection with the treatment of sickness or injury
  • Travel or transportation except cost of medically necessary travel or transportation to the nearest hospital or any transfer costs so recommended by the hospital to another medical center in the same country.
  • Any treatment or operation whose primary purpose is to correct congenital malformations and developmental delay or learning difficulty in children
  • Aviation, except as a passenger in an aircraft authorized by law to carry passengers other than in any aircraft owned or leased by the Policy holder.
  • Any injuries arising out of professional or dangerous sport activity.
  • A member committing or attempting to commit suicide or self-inflicted injury.
  • Regular or long term kidney dialysis in case of chronic kidney failure. We do pay for dialysis for up to six weeks during preparation for kidney transplant.
  • Cost of collecting donor organs for transplant surgery and/or related administration costs.
  • Psychiatric disorders, unless covered in the table of benefits.
  • This policy does not cover expenses normally covered by Workmen's Compensation insurance/work related injuries.
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, sex change, or any claim arising from or due to AIDS/HIV infection

"this is a summary of standard exclusions, for details please refer your original policy document"