Why Pre-Approvals?

In the event of an out-patient treatment where the cost of treatment exceeds the limit mentioned on the membership card or is pertaining to any of the below mentione procedure, the provider is required to seek a pre-approval before starting the treatment.

Pre-authorization is required for the following:

  • In-hospital
  • Extension of Hospital
  • Daycare Services
  • MRI - CT Scan – Doppler – Holter monitor - Endoscopy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Drugs for over two month stock
  • All dental, maternity and optical treatment
  • Non-emergency out-patient service exceeding the limit

If non-emergency treatment is obtained from a provider outside the network the member should obtain pre-authorization from the Helpdesk. In this case a 'Approval Request' must be sent to the Helpdesk. The Helpdesk will respond to the request as soon as possible and within one (1) hours of the receipt of the request.

If the original pre-authorization time and benefit is exceeded a further pre-authorization for the proposed extension period should be obtained.

There are 2 options for seeking a pre approval for medical expenses.

1.By Login to the e-approval portal via the link : MedicalApprovals

2. By sending in approval request form by fax to the helpdesk fax numbers

  • Bahrain: +973 17911260 - Medical Operations
  • Bahrain: +973 17911250 - Motor Operations
  • Kuwait Tazur : +965 22494309 - Medical Operations
3. International Help Line
  • +973 66004414 - Medical Operations
  • +973 17004854 - Motor Operations

4. Call our Toll Free Helplines:

  • GU / Gems Bahrain Opertaion: 80044367
  • Tazur Bahrain Opertaion: 80014367
  • Tazur Kuwait Opertaion: +965 22205016

5. Email: