Quality Objectives

The following Quality Objectives which are measurable have been defined & established at every functional level within the organization to meet the Service Level Agreement with our Client and in line with the Quality Policy of the Company.

1. To settle the claims in accordance with contractual timelines stipulated between the insurer & client/provider. Review: Monthly

2. To ensure customer issues / grievances are documented, analysed & actioned within maximum of 24 Hrs. Review: Weekly

3. To provide Pre Approvals within 1HR. As per SLA And CCHI Regulations. Review: Monthly

4. Ensure quarterly meetings are held with corporate clients to collect feedback on services. Review: Monthly

5. Analyze claims statistics on qtrly basis and recommend course of action to the insurer. Review: Quarterly

6. All claims rejections advise to be sent to providers in accordance with contactual agreement. Review: Monthly