Gulf Electronic Management Systems Company W.L.L. (GEMS), the first TPA Company licensed in Bahrain, is a joint venture with:

• 60% holding by Gulf Union Insurance and Project Management Holdings Co BSC (closed) chaired by Mr. Abdul Aziz Jassim Kanoo, which with over US$ 200 million consolidated gross premiums, is one of the top insurance conglomerates in the Arab world.

• 15% holding by Gulf Union Insurance and Reinsurance Co. BSC (closed) chaired by Sheikh Ibrahim bin Hamad Al-Khalifa and

• 25% holding by Focus Holdings (I) Pvt. Ltd. from India, a group whose business interests include TPA services.

GEMS is managed by its Chairman and Executive Director, Mr. Usama Tartir and is registered under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Kingdom of Bahrain with CR No. 59113 dated December 2005.

Since 2005 GEMS has successfully acquired business from the Gulf Union Insurance Group and manages the back end of the Company's Medical Insurance portfolio handling over 240,000 lives in Bahrain. In addition, GEMS also operates the back end for its Motor Insurance and Workshop portfolio. Last year GEMS processed around 15000 motor claims corresponding to 62990 cars insured procuring BD.800,000 worth of parts in the process from a widespread network of spare parts suppliers in Bahrain.

Since 2013 GEMS has successfully acquired business from the t’azur Company b.s.c. (c) and manages the back end of the Company's Medical Insurance portfolio handling over 200,000 lives in Bahrain , Kuwait and Qatar.

An increasingly competitive business environment drives companies to look at ways and means to reduce costs - GEMS offers a range of services that help companies achieve a competitive edge.


• Medical Claims Processing and Cost control for Insurance Companies and Self Funded Groups using web based proprietary software, qualified doctors and a team of proficient well trained processing executives

• Cashless Hospitalization Benefits at over 2000 Networked Hospitals in Middle East and North Africa,South East Asia, Europe and Indian Sub-Continent

• Regular feedback to clients on claims patterns and trends with suggestions and recommendations to improve outcomes

• Toll free helpline for customer convenience

• Motor Claims processing from registration to settlement - currently developing a web based software to take care of the the above

• Outsourcing the accounting functions of SMEs


1. Strong TPA Domain Knowledge & Regional Experience since 2005 handling over 240000 lives

2. Start of the Art Medical System catering to regional requirements .Our system of e-approvals enables providers get a quick approvals

3. Strong & Organized Infrastructure to handle large volumes

4. Process Driven

5. Trained & Qualified Staff

6. Large provider network in Middle East and North Africa,South East Asia, Europe and Indian Sub-Continent

7. 24x7x365 days helpdesk & e- approval centre

8. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Process


1. Outsourcing sets up a framework for us to assume responsibility for your operational details, allowing you, the customer, to focus on the core business.

2. We will go beyond basic claims administration by providing loss control services, medical bill review and advanced reporting.

3. Because of the nature of our specialization and core activities, GEMS brings world-class capabilities - leading-edge technology and skilled manpower to help you satisfy the needs of your customers and be more competitive.

4. Outsourcing enables the customer to turn over to us certain classes of risks - such as demand variability and capital investments.

5. Outsourcing permits the customer to redirect their resources from non-core activities to ones that have the greatest impact on their business.

6. Outsourcing is the right option for companies experiencing rapid growth, expansion into a new geographical area or spin-offs from the parent company - where resources are not readily available.